About me

Welcome to soundtunes!

Hi there, my name is Jacob Greenmount. I have been composing music of all genres for quite some time now and have decided to create this website to further my audiance

How it started

I founded soundtunes.net on 05/27/2012 because I was inspired by the Daniel White soundburst project. After several years of composing, I decided to create a website simply titled 'jacob's music'. A little over half a year later, I decided to open a youtube channel with the name of ‘TheSoundCreative’ (since SoundCreative was already taken). With the youtube account created, I decided that I will stop updating my webpage and focus on my youtube account (since I was getting more recognition on youtube). About five months after creating my youtube account, I decided that I will also create a newgrounds page and a soundcloud account to act as 'mirrors' to my youtube account. This has turned out great for me as I continue to showcase my music to people all over the world.

After listening to Daniel Whites music for a very long time, I decided to buy out a domain name and use a web hosting service to further showcase my music


I was born on 09/25/1996. I am a composer and a contemporary keyboardist. I started playing the piano at the age of 7 (2003). I first started playing out of a written piano book with the notes named. A few years later, I acquired improvisation skills and with that, I acquired perfect pitch (the ability to recognise the pitch of a note or to produce any given note; a sense of absolute pitch).


My musical influences come from a variety of places. One of my bigger influences came from the legendary Casio WK-3500 simply because of its 5 track recorder. I spent most of my time using up 4 for the available 5 tracks on styles. These were pre-made backing tracks that had melodies that shifted keys, depending on what chords you were playing. I soon realised that I didnt even need styles in my songs. In fact, I found out that it would better match my songs if I created my own melodies to go with it. Of course, without a digital metronome, I found this quite difficult.

The WK-3500 included a built-in floppy disc drive. With this, I was able to transfer my songs onto a computer. The songs had a file extension of .mid. Being the youngin' I was, I thought that .mid was a similar file type as a .wav or .mp3. I soon found out what it actually was and that's what introduced me into the MIDI scene. I soon found my way into track sequencing on personal computers and have been making songs using Studio One ever since.


The music shown here is based on many generes. One of the most noticeable genres would be orchestral/cinematic. I try to experiment with a whole variety geners ranging from classical, jazz, drum 'n' bass and others.


If you would like to contact me, send me an email at jacob@soundtunes.net You can also contact me via IRC on #soundtunes at chat.kerat.net (my name will be GoodOldJacob so just highlight me). If you want, you can also write in the guestbook, though it may take some time before I read it.

Hope to hear from you soon.